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  • 2022 Engineering Excellence Awards

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    Any engineering or surveying firm is eligible to enter the
    awards program, regardless of whether the firm is a member
    of ACEC-Utah.


    1. This competition is sponsored by ACEC-Utah and is for projects
      designed within the State of Utah. Construction of projects must
      have been substantially completed and ready for use between
      November 1, 2017 and October 31, 2019. Research and survey/
      mapping projects must have been publicly disclosed by the client
      between November 1, 2017 and October 31, 2019.
    2. Engineering achievements that have won awards in other state
      or national award programs may be entered.
    3. Competition entries must include one notebook, electronic
      copy of materials in .pdf format, photos and a display panel as
      indicated in ‘Preparing an Entry’ in this document. The ACECUtah
      Public Relations Committee reserves the right to interpret
      the rules and determine eligibility of all entries.
    4. Each entry must be accompanied by an entry application
      form, entry materials and entry fee. The fee per entry is $200
      for ACEC-Utah member firms and $400 for non-members.
      Payment is due at time of submission.
    5. Entry materials become the property of ACEC-Utah and will
      be used throughout the year to promote the organization, the
      engineering profession, and the submitting firm’s excellence
      in engineering.


    Each entry should be submitted in accordance with the entry rules
    presented in this document. One display panel, one notebook, and
    an electronic .pdf file of the entry on a CD must be submitted.
    Entries may be accompanied by a supplementary report containing
    graphs, drawings, etc. No supplemental models, equipment or
    computerized accessories will be accepted for viewing during
    the judging process. Submissions - including photos, CDs/DVDs,
    and panel - become the property of ACEC-Utah and may be used
    in future ACEC-Utah publications. Materials will not be returned.


    In addition to the notebook and panel submissions, the Project
    Engineer (or representative) will give a 10-minute verbal
    presentation to the panel of judges to explain what is most
    engineering-noteworthy about the project on November 1, 2018.
    The presentation schedule will be distributed on October 24, 2018.
    Due to time constraints, electronic presentations (Powerpoint,
    etc.) are not permitted. The laminated photographic panel
    (submitted with the entry) will be displayed for reference during
    the verbal presentation.


    All submitted information becomes the property of ACEC-Utah.
    All engineering firms’ entries must be submitted to ACEC-Utah
    Public Relations Committee at the following address:
    ACEC-Utah Public Relations Committee
    c/o Tom Atkins, J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc.
    392 E. Winchester St., Suite 300
    Salt Lake City, UT


    A distinguished panel of judges will be assembled. Entries will be
    judged on the basis of uniqueness and originality; future value to
    the engineering profession; social, economic and sustainable design
    considerations; complexity; and successful fulfillment of client/
    owner’s needs, including schedule and budget.


    Michael Smith, Executive Director
    American Council of Engineering Companies-Utah
    e-mail: michael@acecutah.org