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  • 2024 Engineering Excellence Awards

    Submission Requirements

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    All project information shall be submitted electronically. Materials should be in PDF format; photos should be in JPEG format. The electronic entry must contain all of the following items (in this order):

    1. The signed, original Official Entry Form with an entry category
      selected. Firm, project and owner’s name should be typed or
      printed as they are to appear for media use and on the award.
    2. An executive summary, not to exceed one page: 8.5˝ x 11˝ with
      1˝ margins, minimum 12 pt. type, single spaced, describing
      the challenge and engineering solution. Project title and entry
      category should appear at the top of the page.
    3. Project description (six pages max) Tell the story of the project,
      addressing A-D below.
                A. Role of the entrant’s firm in the project.
                B. Role of other consultants in project.
                C. Brief description of the entrant’s contribution to the project.
                Please address each of the following:
                          i. Original or innovative application of new or existing
                          ii. Future value to the engineering profession
                          iii. Social, economic and sustainable design considerations
                          iv. Complexity
                          v. Exceeding client/owner needs (budgeted cost, actual
                          cost, scheduled and actual completion date from
                          Official Entry form)       

    D. Summary: Describe in layman's terms why this project is worthy of special recognition (word count between 100-500 words). Explain all factors that exhibit the project's uniqueness and complexity, such as innovative engineering, challenges faces and overall social impact.  NOTE: This summary may provide the basis for ACEC publicity on the project.

    1. One-page letter, addressed to ACEC Utah, from the
      client owner describing the relationship with the entrant in
      development of the project and exceeding client/owner needs.
    2. Press release (up to two pages, double spaced) clearly
      and concisely describing, in easily understood lay terms, the
      project and entrant’s participation in the project, reflecting on
      those factors listed in point 3C. In addition, point out the value
      of the project to the community. Please include why the project
      is important and why it is newsworthy. ACEC Utah may send
      the press release to the media when competition winners are
      announced. No reference to other awards should be included in
      submitted material.
    3. Color photographs (no more than 12.) Photos should be prepared as JPEGs. Photographs should
      include at least one shot of the completed project along with
      planning, start-up, and/or construction shots as well as people-oriented
      photos where appropriate. Include one paragraph,
      limited to 100 words, describing the highlights of the
      project. This will be presented with the project along with
      your chosen photo labeled “BANQUET”
      . ACEC-Utah
      reserves the right to edit the paragraph to fit within length and
      time constraints.
    4. Each entrant shall submit written permission to use any
      copyrighted materials including photographs.

    Reminder: An entry fee of $200 for ACEC-Utah member
    firms and $400 for non-members is due for each submission.


    Each entry shall consist of:

    1. One photographic panel, laminated, 30˝ x 30˝.
    2. Any number of photographs. All photographs must be free of
      royalty claim for photo credits.
    3. Suggested minimum 32-point lettering size in text and/or
      descriptions. 250-word limit.
    4. Title and location of the study/project, client’s name and
      location, and entering firm’s name and location shall be shown
      on the front of the panel. Additional reference to the firm’s
      name may be made within the text on the panel.