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  • 2024 Engineering Excellence Awards

    Rating Guidelines

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    1. Uniqueness and/or Innovative Applications of New or Existing Techniques – 20%
    Does the entry demonstrate use of a new science or breakthrough in the general knowledge of engineering?
    Does the entry represent a unique application of new or existing technology, techniques, materials or equipment?
    2. Future Value to the Engineering Profession and Perception by the Public – 20%
    Will the entry redefine current engineering thinking?
    Does the entry advance a positive public image of engineering excellence?
    3. Social, Economic and Sustainable Development Considerations – 20%
    Do the solutions identified produce secondary benefits of value to the community environment?
    Does the entrant’s approach provide society with social, economic, or sustainable development benefits?
    Does the entrant’s contribution to the project improve the health, safety or welfare of the public or affected environment?
    4. Complexity – 20%
    Did the entry successfully address highly complex criteria or unique problems?
    Were extraordinary problems of site, location, hazardous conditions, project requirements, or similar elements present?
    Did the entry require the use of out-of-the-ordinary technology or ingenuity for achievement of the project’s goals?
    5. Successful Fulfillment of Client/Owner Needs – 20%
    Did the engineer or entrant successfully engage the client/owner in the overall project
      development process?
    Was it an economical and cost-effective solution?
    How did the final cost relate to the original budget estimate?
    How closely does the entrant’s solution meet the total goals of the client/owner?
    Did the entrant meet the client’s time schedule?